7th July 2020

Project Goals

Project Goals and Achievements

The project aims to design and manufacture an innovative multilevel power electronics module based on SiC devices. MuSiCa will demonstrate significant advances in performances as well as in the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) in the manufacturing of advanced power modules.

Maximise the performance of SiC power semiconductor devices

  • Improved design of power module and gate driver to minimise parasitic inductance
  • optimize thermal integration and heat dissipation
  • minimise conduction and switching losses and to realise the full benefits of SiC devices for the application

Increased modularity and scalability

  • Improvement in power module internal layout design and external package design and design of power terminals for easier integration in the aircraft electronics system
  • Choice of component materials and silicon carbide devices in the power module to facilitate scaling up/down of power rating

Increased manufacturability

  • Processes and techniques aimed at enhancing repeatability and reproducibility
  • Increased throughput and yield thereby reducing manufacturing time and costs
  • Increased preparedness of supply chain, in an existing manufacturing production line

Increased long term in-service reliability:

  • Implementation of processes and materials to maximise the reliability of the power modules.
  • Replacing soldered interconnections with sintering and/or ultrasonic welding to increase resilience of power module to harsh operating conditions.
  • Increase in lifetime and up-time by improved electro-thermal package design.