29th January 2019


Project Partners

The research will be lead by an interdisciplinary team of academic experts in insulation system design and assessment, partial discharge detection and management, insulation health monitoring, electromagnetics modelling and advanced power converter waveform control

The University of Sheffield

The Electrical Machines and Drives Group at the University of Sheffield has a strong track record for innovation and for promoting commercial exploitation. The group collaborates with industry world-wide, and has extensive computational and simulation tools and experimental facilities for analysis, design, prototyping and testing. The UoS has significant expertise in modelling, designing and testing electrical machines and drives systems for safety critical applications as well as in developing methods for fault detection, fault tolerant control, diagnostic and prognostic. The UoS has developed and validated methodologies for non-invasive real-time condition monitoring of the insulation health and the prognosis of its remaining useful life.

Dr Antonio Griffo
Prof Jiabin Wang
Fernando Alvarez Gonzalez
Shubham Sundeep

The University of Manchester

The University of Manchester has significant expertise in high voltage engineering, as well as extensive facilities for insulation degradation testing and partial discharge detection including environmental chambers for multi-stress analyses (temperature, humidity, pressure). The National Grid High Voltage Research Centre has six experimental laboratories associated with high voltage engineering, dielectric materials, protection and control, and measurements and instrumentation. The high voltage laboratories house a number of altitude chambers and specialist partial discharge measurement equipment.

Prof Ian Cotton
Prof Sandy Smith
Dr Christopher Emersic

University of Bristol

The Electrical Energy Management Group (EEMG) at The University of Bristol researches underpinning power electronics, electrical drives, and electrical generation technologies that have a vital role to play in low carbon transport systems and renewable energy supply. The EEMG’s research is funded through underpinning EPSRC grants and high-impact industrial collaborative research funded through the EC, Innovate UK and direct Industry grants. The group hosts the Safran Power Systems University Research Centre in Aircraft Electrical Drives. The group has state-of-the-art facilities such as GHz measurement equipment, a 100kW power converter and drive testbed.

Prof Xibo Yuan
Prof Phil Mellor
Dr Mohamed Diab

Industrial Partners

The project is supported by a Steering Committee of industrial partners from strategic UK sectors, including automotive, aerospace and energy generation

  • Rolls-Royce 
  • SiemensGamesa Renewable Energy
  • Control Techniques Dynamics 
  • Safran Power UK 
  • UTC Aerospace Systems (United Technologies UK)
  • High Voltage Partial Discharge  
  • Motor Design 
  • Ricardo UK 

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