26th November 2018

Project Goals

Project Goals and Achievements

The project aims to advance our scientific understanding of the impact of WBG devices on machine insulation systems and to make recommendations that will support the design and test of machines with an optimised power density and lifetime when used with a WBG converter. This will be achieved by quantifying the negative impact of fast voltage transients when applied to machine insulation systems, by:

Modelling Tools

Developing tools to allow a designer to assess the level of voltage expected for each individual component of the insulation system (turn to turn, turn to coil, turn to machine wall, coil to coil) of an electrical machine or wound component

PD and Insulation breakdown

Evaluating the breakdown voltage and partial discharge inception voltage of insulation systems operating in the presence of WBG-device-driven high-voltage gradients

Lifetime Assessment

Assessing the lifetime of insulation systems operating under high voltage gradients and high frequencies and as function of environmental conditions including temperature, temperature cycling and atmospheric pressure

Online Health Monitoring

Developing non-invasive techniques, sensing and for online insulation health monitoring of machines' insulation and prognosis of the remaining useful life

Design Guidelines

Identifying design guidelines that support the development of increasingly power dense machines when these are operated with WBG switches